Public Domain Upgrade, West Circular Quay

The Project
A forecourt to the new extension of the Museum of Contemporary Art. A large, sunny lawn by the harbour to soak up the view. A new setting for the heritage building and an outdoor canvas for art installations and events.

The challenge
Saneia’s communication skills were put to good use on this project. The design created large, generous areas of lawn and paving to offset the MCA building and the harbour. She managed the documentation of the new external works, balancing the needs of:

  • An underground sewer pumping station
  • Historic archaeology
  • Mature trees
  • Stormwater pits and high voltage electrical cables
  • Crowds and events
  • Harbour seawall substructure

Design, Documentation, Coordination of design team and consultants, Client liaison, Community engagement.


This project was undertaken while Saneia was employed at the NSW Government Architect’s Office.