All design communication workshops

All design communication workshops

SNDC offers a range of design communication training including a foundation course, a design management course, specialist modules and individual coaching.

Foundation Course

Distil your message

Distil the Message

Describe your work in concise language

Tell the story campfire

Tell the Story

Structure information for your audience

Illustration of a microphone

Own the Stage

Deliver a confident verbal presentation

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Design Managers Course

Illustration of a compass

Leading design projects

Clearly define your role and objectives

Illustration of a pair of 1960's style eye glasses

Effective design critique

Give insightful, actionable feedback

Illustration of a pennant with an insignia of pencil crossed with a ruler

Promoting design excellence

Raise the profile of design with your stakeholders

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Specialist Modules

Read the Signals - an illustration of different antennae

Read the signals

Understand non-verbal communication in meetings

Illustration of a dog dressed in a turtleneck jumper wearing thick, round eyeglasses.

Know what you know

Deal with unexpected events during your presentation

Illustration of three pens.

Write like you talk

Develop an authentic writing style at work

Illustration of two waffles with syrup

Less is more

Write clearer, shorter design reports

Illustration of a cockatoo wearing a headset.

Presenting design online

Engage your online audience