Design communication lectures and workshops

Design communication lectures and workshops

SNDC offers guest lectures and workshops that show design students how clear communication can benefit their studies and prepare them for practice. We teach students of Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Interior Architecture and Urban Design from undergraduate to masters level.

Benefits for design students and educators

Our interactive sessions help design students to explain a concept, manage nerves, keep to time and process feedback. These skills help students to build confidence presenting work for reviews and critiques. Clear, concise student presentations allow more time for constructive discussion and insights.

A flexible approach to learning

Our one hour lectures and two hour practical workshops are designed to complement your existing program. Many clients book sessions a couple of weeks before a major presentation, when students have a developed concept as well as time to refine work.

We tailor content to meet the needs of your students, drawing on the following topics to suit different levels of a design degree:

  • Introduction to design studio culture including the process of sharing ideas, preparing for design reviews, managing nerves and responding to feedback.
  • Principles for communicating a design project including content, structure and delivery.
  • Giving and receiving design feedback and critique.
  • Communicating complexity (including master plans, research projects and graduating projects)
  • Online design communication
  • Preparing for practice

Experienced educators delivering real value

Our experience in both design and communication means we deliver relevant, actionable lessons. We consistently receive excellent engagement and positive feedback from students and educators.

What people are saying about our guest lectures and workshops

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“A much-needed presentation for any architecture student or practitioner. Really well structured and clear on the subjects. Truly amazing and inspiring.”

Fourth year Architecture student, UON
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“We have been grateful to have Saneia in our Visiting Architects and Experts program in the Master of Architecture, University of Newcastle. Her workshops are always well prepared, engaging and comprehensive for students to learn useful ways for structuring and presenting their design ideas. Most of all, Saneia is helping our students feel more prepared for the professional world.”

Emma Wood, Industry Educator Architecture, School of Architecture and Built Environment, The University of Newcastle, Australia
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“I really struggle with public speaking and presenting my projects in studio. This will be a great road map to help me in the future.”

Fourth year Architecture student, UON
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“Saneia gave a guest lecture for our Masters of Landscape Architecture capstone studio that was tailored to my students’ needs. She was flexible about scheduling so that we could easily fit the presentation into the middle of a studio session. Saneia’s lecture was clear, focused, and perfectly suited to online learning, including useful ideas on slide content, presentation strategies, and even helpful audio-visual equipment. I am confident that the students have learned techniques that will serve them well for the rest of the term and for their future careers as designers.”

Lee Roberts, Course Convenor, School of Built Environment, University of New South Wales, Sydney
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“Extremely helpful in confidence building.”

First year Landscape Architecture student, UNSW

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