Meet Saneia

I believe clear communication gives designers real power.

Photo of Saneia Norton in a yellow circle

As a landscape architect, I’ve often seen great projects fall over before they reach completion. It comes down to communication: if your key audience doesn’t ‘get’ the idea, they won’t support it. As designers, it’s our job to explain design ideas clearly.

Like all designers, I spend hours creating drawings and obsessing over images. Visual communication is our happy place and we’re great at it. But I believe that to be truly effective designers we need to build our capacity for words, speech and writing. We need these skills to influence decision-making, to promote the value of design and get more great ideas off the ground.

My services empower designers with language skills to match their fluency in graphics.

I Understand Your Challenges

As an experienced design professional, I know the challenges you face in your day-to-day business, because I’ve faced them too.

My expertise in communication can help prepare you for critical project meetings, presentations and reports that really have to hit the mark.

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