Read the signals

Read the signals

Understand non-verbal communication in meetings

This workshop is for

Design professionals who seek to improve listening and observation skills to gain greater insight into their clients and collaborators.


  • Effective listening techniques.
  • Open and closed questions.
  • Observing and interpreting body language.


You’ll learn listening tips that help draw out valuable information in project briefings and reviews. You’ll learn which questions encourage someone to reveal their thinking, as well as questions that require a specific response. As a presenter, you’ll learn how to tell if your audience is engaged or distracted, receptive or hostile. You’ll become more attuned to others, helping you to build rapport with clients, colleagues and stakeholders.


We’ll explore practical exercises that use your senses to interpret behaviour. We’ll role-play common design meeting scenarios that involve listening, observation and empathy. You’ll have the opportunity to read the room and practice a response.


Duration: 4 hours
Maximum no. of participants: 8

What people are saying about this workshop

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“Interactive, fun and insightful.”

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“A lot to learn - listening is so underrated.”

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“Paid attention to listening as a key communication skill.”

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“Showed me I can use awareness of my audience as an advantage.”