Write like you talk

Write like you talk

Develop an authentic writing style at work

ThIs workshop is for

Design professionals who seek to engage audiences through email, LinkedIn, journals, blogs, social media posts or website copy.


  • Explore your personality as a writer.
  • Understanding tone in writing.
  • How to create a writing style.


Learn to write about projects, current issues and yourself in authentic and engaging language. You’ll get a picture of your own writing style and how to express it in your day to day job. You’ll learn tips to explain technical and conceptual ideas in ways people remember, developing a distinctive voice in your field and sharing your expertise with a broad audience.


Each participant brings a project-related writing task to the workshop. We’ll discuss your goals and analyse your natural speaking style to highlight its rhythms and strengths. We’ll review examples of design writing to identify language you like and dislike. We’ll apply learnings to your writing task to start defining your own style of communication.


Duration: 4 hours
Maximum no. of participants: 8

What people are saying about this workshop

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“Very relevant to the industry. Many design professionals struggle to communicate with words.”

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“Pushed me out of my comfort zone to think about the ways I speak vs write, and if tones can be shared across these forms.”

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“This training has given me a great appreciation in writing, in particular planning what you’re writing and knowing who you’re writing for.”

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“Often I struggle to find my voice in more formal pieces and this workshop helped me to understand that.”