Sacha Coles swears by the mantra: be yourself and know your work.

Sacha Coles talks on Dig Beneath Design

At 23, Sacha Coles had just finished uni. He had zero clients and no work, but big plans for the future. Now he’s a successful landscape architect and director of Aspect Studios, responsible for multibillion dollar projects across Australia.

He talks about pitching his way up, honing his message, owning his ideas, impressing clients and winning their trust.

Find out how he amps himself up before a big pitch and what he thinks are the biggest mistakes designers make when communicating their ideas.

Show Notes


  1. Congratulations on bringing your bright idea to fruition, Saneia and James. This snappily wrapped first podcast is a valuable insight into real-life presentation for students and practicing Landscape Architects alike. Bring on more good dirt!

  2. Hi Saneia, great conversation with Sacha! A lot of what he said resonated with me – I particularly like the piece of advice to be yourself when presenting. I think your website is a unique/valuable communication resource for designers – which can be used more broadly by anyone needing to prepare for an effective presentation. Brilliant!

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Dig Beneath Design: Sacha Coles swears by the mantra: be yourself and know your work.