Design communication workshops

Design and communication expertise - a powerful combination

Our workshops cover key communication skills for influential designers. We offer a sequence of three half-day sessions that prepare you to give an incredible presentation, run an effective meeting or write a powerful report.

Distil the message

Distil your message

Put power into your words by writing clearly and concisely.

Tell the story

Tell the story campfire

Construct a narrative and connect with your audience.

Own the stage

Illustration of a microphone

Find your inner confidence and nail your next presentation.

We’re design communication consultants. Our extensive experience in design and skill in communication and mentoring means we’re perfectly placed to empower designers to communicate ideas in a confident, clear and compelling way.

How design communication coaching can help you.

We can help you:

  • Advocate for yourself, your ideas, your company and your profession.
  • Improve your verbal presentation style (while still feeling like you!)
  • Clarify the message in your presentation or pitch with professional feedback. Are you really getting your message across?
  • Build specific design communication skills relevant to your office.